Electronic Cigarettes are back in the news as the nation debates whether they should be legalised or not.

Many people have been prosecuted for using, selling or importing e-cigs, with tourists even finding themselves in hot water as they stepped off their plane and puffed on what many would call a “safer than cigarettes” device.

At a recent meeting, where the topic was discussed, it was claimed there is a lot of confusion as to the legality and use of the devices. The associated parties are looking for a solution and direction for the public with regards to supporting the vapour filled gadgets as a genuine replacement for harmful cigarettes.


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The devices may not be 100% safe but the health benefits and cost saving for hospitals if smoking cigarettes was discouraged in favour of the vapes, would be phenomenal.

Following the debate it was agreed that the authorities should make e-cigarettes available as an alternative to the more harmful tobacco products. They also asked that the government consider permiting the public to choose healthier options when purchasing smoking products or substitutes.

So it could soon be legal to import, sell and use e-cigarettes if common sense prevails. Legalisation would of course reduce smuggling of such products and the government would also benefit from taxes paid on them.

Watch this space.

Source : NNT

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