Vaping could get you 5 Years in Thai Prison

Thailand is a strange country sometimes….

Only Yesterday Love Pattaya covered a story on the Justice minister “Paiboon Koomchaya” who said the current approach on fighting drugs had failed and claimed meth, or ya ba, was less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes! Which he proposes to be de-classified.

Today, we have reports circulating on the possession and use of E-cigarettes in Thailand. Apparently there is ‘NO’ law banning the possession of E-cigarettes in Thailand. The problem is due to the fact these products fall into a category of goods that have not been taxed. This means being caught in possession of E-cigarettes is therefore is illegal.


Offenders could face five years jail or a fine of four times the value of the goods or both jail and fine.

The maximum Five year sentence is linked to the import/export ban, meaning that if you are in possession of a vape device you broke the law.

Customs Act Section 20 is basically about being able to be arrested without an arrest warrant if you are breaking the law
Customs Act Section 27 states basic tax evasion, import duty stuff where the maximum 5 year sentence is from.

This law has been on the statute since December 2014.

Although were hearing reports on the confiscation of E-cigarettes by Police if caught in possession or using them in public places, we haven’t yet heard of anyone being arrested or finned. Guess its down to the discretion of the police officer. You have been warned, use E-cigarettes at your own risk!

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  1. So my question is this… if I’m caught wearing a Rolex in Thailand will I go to jail? I didn’t pay Thai tax on it because I bought in in another country along with my $3000 computer and my $2200 camera. Taxes were paid for my items in USA and in China along with my e-cigarette. Who walks around with receipts on them. So can anyone answer this question?

  2. I’ve been in Thailand now for about 3 weeks (Bangkok, South Pattaya, Kanchanaburi and today heading to Ayuttuha) I wasn’t able to find any conclusive information on vaping in Thailand, so I hope this can help anyone that might stumble across this.

    First off I’m not a vaper in the trendy sense. I use it as an alternative to smoking. I know there’s a massive community of kids out there doing it just to look cool blowing smoke out their mouth. I have a pretty modest aspire vaporiser. So this post isn’t for anybody with a huge bit of kit which blows out clouds.

    I bought some cheap, disposable ecigs and put them in my hand luggage for the stop-over. My vape, liquids coils etc went in my hand luggage. I had no problems at all getting through the airport. In regards to actually being in public, just be sensible. As I mentioned before, I’ve got a pretty modest piece of kit and as much as the cloud is visible, I’m not walking down the street like a chimney. I’ve used it in bars/restaurants where there’s ash trays, walking down the street in Bangkok. I’ve always got an eye out for police and you should do the same, just in case. But from what I can gather from talking to my Thai friends, it’s illegal to import and sell. Everything else has been blew out of proportion or people just haven’t been sensible. Hopefully in time this will become more black and white and the government will realise that a ban could leave a big hole in their tourism. I definitely wouldn’t have come back this time if it had been banned.

    In summary: been here a few weeks, no problems, kept all my gear in my suitcase. Hope this helps anyone that like me couldn’t find any info.


  3. Seeing vaping in many of the bars here in Pattaya and I’ve seen on vendor that has a small shop here selling vape supplies. No one using or selling seemed a bit concerned. I don’t vape myself, but hard to not notice on sucking on a small machine.

    • Even harder not to notice someone smoking a cigarette when I’m choking on the smoke from 15′ away. I even get a reminder the next morning from the smell stuck in my clothes. But.. Smoking looks cool…

  4. Um not sure anyone is trying to look cool….mostly just trying to avoid tar in cigarettes but good to know reasons for so called ban

  5. Just a warning to fellow vapers. I have been traveling through Thailand for 5 weeks and haven’t had any problems vaping. When out at a bar or club I always ask the staff before puffing. They have always given me the go ahead even where places don’t allow cigarette smoking. I was under the impression that it was only illegal to buy/sell vapes just like the majority of us. It seems to be up to the discretion of the officer.

    I was walking past a police checkpoint when a officer asked me to come with him. Long story short I was brought to the station and give 2 choices. Go to jail for 5 years or pay 10,000 baht fine. Ended up having to give all cash on hand which was about 5,000 baht as a had just gone to the ATM. They also asked for my credit/debit for the balance which I told them didn’t work. I was told if I didn’t pay I would be held in jail for a day or two before going to court. I would think everything wouldn’t be as severe if I had fought it but who wants to spend a couple days locked up in a foreign country while traveling…. I am sure a Thailand veteran could have handled the situation differently. We all live and we learn. Vape at your own risk in Thailand….

    • I was stopped by a traffic cop on Pattaya, he wanted me to pay a 5000 baht fine. I told him I didnt have that on me and he should take me to the station. He made a phone call and let me go and gave me back my ecig.
      My feeling was that he was a corrupt cop looking to make something extra on the side

  6. If there´s no law banning E cigarettes but illegal cos of tax. But aren´t you permitted some dutyfree. Surely this should fall in the tobacco and alcohol tax act.


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