A man had his ear bitten off following an altercation with an enraged bike rider, and his wife has taken to social media to tell the story.

Sarutya Ngamsopha, 27, tells how the family were heading home from Samut Prakarn after picking up their daughter from summer school. She claimed the motorcyclist was weaving in and out of the traffic as it approached from the rear.

Her husband pulled over to let the bike pass but in doing so, the car was scratched.

The woman’s husband, Thanin Khlaiwichien, 43, followed the bike rider in an effort to extract payment for damages but the rider did not stop.

The motorcyclist, Luang Nonpala, 49, was knocked from his machine and suffered minor injuries, although it is not clear who was to blame.

The biker then threw a stone at the car driver who by this time had left his vehicle. A fight began between the pair during which, it is alleged that Mr. Khlaiwichien had his ear bitten off.

Both parties were treated at separate hospitals following the stramash.

Sarutya maintain’s that Luang was drunk.

Investigations continue.

CCTV Caught the Whole Crash on Camera :


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