Elephant kills its owner then tried to hide the body in Krabi

It has been reported that a Thai man was killed by his elephant yesterday in the Khao Panom district of Krabi.

Police announced that relatives found the body of 50-year-old Amorn Morakot after his body had appeared to have been covered by tree branches and leaves next to where he was keeping his 37-year-old female elephant chained up in Moo 4 village in Tambon Na Khao.

Police stated that autopsy findings showed that the deceased had been kicked several times including one blow to the head.

Elephant kills its owner then tried to hide the body in Krabi

Amorn’s family said that the elephant had been chained up next to a rubber plantation where during the day it had been removing logs from the area.

Family members noticed that Amorn had not returned home for several hours so went searching for him discovering his body underneath tree branches at 8.30pm.

They are of the belief that the elephant killed Amorn and attempted to hide his body noting that the elephant had attacked Amorn once before.

Source : Thenation

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