Parents in Rayong watched in anguish as they observed a video showing a man on a motorbike, picking up their missing eleven-year-old daughter from school.

The girl known as “Nong Pim” was reported missing on Monday afternoon.

The girl’s body was found near a pond two days later.

The driver of the bike knew the girl and was in fact a work colleague of her fathers.

Police moved quickly to speak to Wichai Chotisena, 57, who was working at a nearby industrial estate. Initially he denied any knowledge of where the missing girl could be but soon changed his story at the police station.

He claimed that he went to the school to pick up his ten-year-old son but discovered he had already gone. He said he saw Pim and offered her a lift home but the girl fell off the bike as they travelled round a bend. She suffered a broken neck according to Chotisena.

He then claims to have carried her into the undergrowth and removed her clothing before concealing the body.

Officers allegedly found blood and hair on the motorbike used to pick Pim up.

The suspect denies raping and murdering the child and police are waiting on forensics before pressing charges.




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