Elite residency visa in Thailand that only costs $60,000

The Thai government is now offering “elite” residency visas designed to attract wealthy tourists, which will allow them to reside in Thailand for around $3000 per year

There are apparently seven different packages on offer the priciest being the “Elite Ultimate Privilege” package which costs $60,000 as well as $600 a year in membership fees and lasts for 20 years.

The package also entitles the holder to VIP access to government agencies who deal with immigration, driving licenses and work permits as well providing an annual health check and 24 spa sessions and golfing trips as well as airport transfers.

Elite residency visa in Thailand that only costs $60,000

The new visas are issued by Thailand Privilege Card Company Ltd which is a subsidiary of the Tourism Authority.

The company expects to receive over 1000 applications for the new visas where other packages include a $15,000 visa for five years and a $30,000 visa which lasts 10 years, which also provides discounts for other family members.

Source : Businessinsider

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