English Man Shares Grief For British Partner Killed In Phuket

The pregnant woman who died in a motorbike accident in Phuket on Monday, May 8th, was named as Sophie Anderson.

Messages of condolences and tributes for Sophie have been numerous, since the incident, which took her life.

She had been six months pregnant when an 18 wheeler truck hit the motorbike from behind, sending both her and the driver, Danny Glass, onto the road. The woman received fatal head injuries. Her Partner Danny, escaped without serious injury.

Her long-term partner Mr. Glass who is from Margate in Kent, England, spoke via YouTube about his grief. “She was the world to me. I miss her so much.

“It’s like, is this a dream? Somebody wake me up from this nightmare.”

Ms Anderson was from Blackpool and was describe by Mr. Glass as “his twin flame.”

Sophie leaves behind a five-year-old son, Shaye, to whom Danny had to explain his mother wasn’t coming home.

Shaye’s father lives in Bangkok and will take care of him.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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