Monsoon-like every year takes away several lives and the present situation faced by Thailand has put into questions lives of many small boys and their coach, who are helplessly trapped inside a cave in northern Thailand.

Continuous rain and rising water levels have led to dangerous flooding of a cave in northern Thailand. Missing in the cave are twelve boys aged 11-16 and their 25-year-old soccer coach who went to the cave complex after a practice match on Saturday.

Water hoses and water pumps are being used to pump out as much as water possible. The Navy SEAL divers are unable to locate anything in the muddy water that has filled chambers of the cave right up to the ceilings. The increasing water levels at a rate of 6 inches per hour on Wednesday have further increased the difficulty of the divers.


Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda reported that until enough water is pumped out, the divers cannot proceed. Special oxygen tanks will soon by the divers that will help provide longer diving times to them. Moreover, the muddy dark water is making it more difficult for these divers in their rescue mission.

A volunteer rescue worker, Somkuan Saokeaw, said that the rescue team has been working all night since Wednesday morning.

The divers have been forced to delay their work through the cave complex several times due to various obstacles faced. Alternative ways like using helicopters and search parties on foot are being used by the authorities to find possible chances to get through the cave.


Tuesday afternoon explorers found two holes in the rock on the mountain in which the cave is located but found that neither was accessible.

The officials are hopeful that the soccer team has found some safe place to protect themselves until rescued.

While the soccer team awaits their rescue, grieving parents and physicians patiently wait outside in the rain praying for every life trapped.

Footprints and belongings of the boys have been traced by the authorities in the complex. In a similar situation, last time some tourists were trapped who were rescued only after water was receded.


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