The lawyer representing former Miss Teen Thailand Amelia Jacobs boyfriend said that he plans to admit to being a drug user but is disputing the claim that he is a drug dealer.

Chaiwat Dejprathoom the lawyer representing Poonyawat Hirantecha told reporters that his client would confess in court to taking drugs.

Both Poonyawat and Amelia were arrested after officers raided their house in the Sai Mai district earlier this week when they found 70 grams of crystal meth, 16 ecstasy tablets and a set of scales often used to weigh drugs.

Officers claimed that during initial interrogations the pair confessed to purchasing 100 grams of meth for 40,000 baht with the intent to sell it for 800 baht a gram.

Chaiwat said yesterday that police could present a written testimony to the court about his client’s alleged confession however the defence would retract the statement.

Poonyawat’s lawyer said that they would not be requesting bail because the amount of drugs recovered in the raid was quite substantial and the court might not approve the request.

The defence plans to prove that the scales found did not belong to Poonyawat and noted that his cooperation has already lead to the arrest of other drug dealers, one of whom has been named as 34-year-old Natcha Champaseng.

Chaiwat said however he is yet to speak with Amelia’s lawyer regarding her defence.

Amelia was visited by her parents at the police station yesterday where they brought her food and clean cloths and spoke for just five minutes before leaving, refusing to speak with any media present as they did so.

Amelia was taken to court yesterday in tears where she said “I am not a substance abuser, not a dealer.”

Police have said they will object to any bail requests on the grounds that they have solid evidence on both suspects.


Source: TheNation

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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