Excise Department considering charging pollution tax for motorcycles

In an effort to improve air quality here in Thailand the Excise Department is conducting a study into the possibility of introducing vehicle pollution tax on motorcycles similar to those already in place for cars and other vehicles.

The announcement was made by the Excise Department’s director-general Krisada Chinavicharana who said his officials are now in the process of carrying out the study in relation to the emissions motorcycles produce (CO2.)

Under the current system motorcycles here are taxed in relation to their engine size.

Excise Department considering charging pollution tax for motorcycles

However officials are considering altering the tax to take into account CO2 emissions produced meaning the more carbon a bike emits the more the tax will be.

The director-general noted that his department has been collecting pollution tax on vehicles since January 1, 2016.

Excise tax is currently 17 percent on eco-friendly vehicles which emit less than 120g/km in comparison to 1800-2000cc engine cars which are taxed at 25 percent.

Source: Thai PBS

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