“Believe what you see” might be many of our motto in life considering we tend to believe each of the things that we get a photographic proof of. But sometimes seeing cannot be enough; it has been proven time and again that often the reality goes much deeper than what is visible.

This specific video clip from YouLike site on Facebook has been churning out the same question once again.

Here what we see is a cop getting almost run over by a motorbike at an unknown road crossing while attempting to stop the bike at the crossing.

The video has been viewed virally and comments made like wild fire. The cop and the riders both have volume of supporters debating if it was another incident of Police extortions or unruly illegal traffic activity. Since both police extortions and illegal traffic practice are burning truths, it is quite difficult to comprehend and confirm on either of the possibilities from the clip. Might want to take a look:

Source : Youlike

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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