Extortionists Arrested In Chiang Mai

A Dutch and an Australian have been arrested on extortion charges in Chiang Mai, with police saying they expect more complaints from potential victims.

Fifty-year-old Adrianus Van Gool and Paul Gibson 45, were arrested in a Makro car park, when another Australian went to police to make a complaint about the pair on March 9th.

The Chiang Mai victim, alleged that Van Gool and Gibson had threatened to kill his entire family if he did not “cough up” money owed, describing them as debt collectors.

The man, believed to be Leanord Senler, paid the pair 300,000 baht, promising them another 1.3 million baht later that afternoon but elected to involve the police, fearing for his family’s safety.

Police lay in wait as Senler and the extortionists met in the Makro car park before pouncing and arresting the men. The operation was lead by Deputy Chief Tawatchai Phongwiwatnachai.

It is expected that more people will come forward now that the pair are in custody.

The men who have lived in the Kingdom for at least ten years deny the charges brought against them.


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