Extreme Storms Expected Until End Of Week

It is expected that extreme storms will affect areas of Thailand in the North and Northeast today, and will continue until Sunday.

This freak storm is making its way from China, there were similar storms back in March that caused serious damage to homes and injuries to people in Bangkok and many other provinces.

Stay away from areas where Trees, bill boards, streetlights or any big objects that are vulnerable to fall, as thunderstorms and severe rainfall is expected rapidly in copious quantities.

Expect severe rain, forceful winds and hail storms as the extreme weather makes it way to eastern and central areas such as Bangkok which is expected to be affected by this at the weekend.

Provincial authorities are prepared to offer any emergency assistance to residents that are affected by this, local residents have also been told to monitor the forecast as much as possible and to not wear any metal objects that could attract the lightning when outside.

Other provinces that you can expect to be affected by the tropical storms are Surin, Nong Bualampoo, Udon Thani,Nakhon Phanom, Ubon Ratchathani, Nong Khai aswell as others.


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