Facebook Under Fire As Demands To Block URLs Come Into Play

Authorities in Thailand are about to get tough with social media giant Facebook, regarding what the government say is “illegal content”.

131 pages in total have come under scrutiny, and the Thai authorities want them removed or action will be taken against Facebook.

The pages in question are reportedly aimed at conning people.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and the Technology Crime Suppression Division have issued the warning as YouTube and Google blocked content that was said to be of a questionable nature.

Should Facebook not block the webpages, local representatives will be summoned to provide an explanation. They have until 10:00 on May 16th to comply.

Google apparently has blocked close to 500 pages so far with another 600 being looked at.

Despite notification by ISPs, Facebook so far have failed to meet the demands being forced upon them.

If the pages are of a dubious nature and contain fake advertising, common sense should prevail and the pages should be blocked.

Source : thaivisa.com

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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