Facebook Pages Unite To Save Suicidal Woman

Facebook often gets bad press, especially when people use the “Live” function to record murders, suicides or bullying.

But two Thai Facebook pages gave us a little hope, when their combined efforts saved a woman who had overdosed and was filming it live.

Thanks to the followers of the pages, her life was saved.

The pages Queen of Black Spades and Drama-addict displayed status updates asking for assistance in tracking down the female, who had been speaking about her struggles with life and illness. She overdosed and fell into a state of unconsciousness as people watched on in horror.

But many reported the incident and thankfully her life was saved as rescue workers arrived in time.

The two Facebook pages posted their message seeking help and before long volunteers, with the assistance from neighbours in the Pattanakarn area of Bangkok, managed to locate the victim’s house. She was rushed to Phra Nang Klao Hospital, where she received treatment.

Depression is a serious condition that can lead to suicide. If you think someone is at risk, seek help.

Do not tell them to “grow up” or “snap out of it” for this will only exacerbate the situation.

Instead, sit beside the person and let them talk. Listen to them but do not interrupt or offer advice unless requested to do so. A good listener is often a best friend in these scenarios.

If you believe they may harm themselves, never leave them alone and get professional help as soon as possible.

Source : Coconuts

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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