Facebook Set to Employ Three Thousand Staff to Combat Crime and Suicide Live Posts

Facebook look to employ three thousand new staff members to monitor live videos and any violence related posts after there reputation has been heavily damaged for not responding quickly enough.

Mark Zuckerburg feels that adding to the 4,500 people already monitoring this kind of behavior will make the process of reporting and taking action on the videos a lot more effective.

Recently Facebook have been heavily criticized on there part in taking action on the live murders that were posted in Cleveland and the 11 month year old baby in Phuket, as both videos were kept on there site for over 24 hours for thousands of terrified Facebook users to see.

At this moment in time, most live videos are only removed if a Facebook user complains, as it is difficult for Facebook to search and find inappropriate videos straightaway.

Posting live videos can also have a positive use as many users use it for free advertising and raising money for charities, its just the minority that take away the benefits of posting live Facebook videos.

Source : Bangkokpost

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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