SIM cards in Thailand

Starting from next month if you want to buy a SIM card in Thailand you will be required to submit to a facial scan and have your fingerprints taken in a move designed to crack down on electronic fraud and also encourage mobile banking.

According to the telecoms regulating body the new biometric system will come into force on December 15, after already being used in several other countries including Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

The secretary-general of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), Takorn Tantasith said that the new measures would improve trust in the mobile banking and payment making systems as “we’re entering the digital age” where more and more banking and financial transactions are carried out on mobile devices.

Current systems allow for people to use fake identities to register SIM cards Takorn noted.

The new biometric system will match facial and fingerprint data linked to Thai ID cards.

For non-Thai nationals facial recognition data will be checked against passport data.

Thailand’s lack of regulation regarding the purchase of SIM cards was highlighted back in June when three Chinese nationals were arrested having managed to get their hands on almost 400,000 Thai Sim cards.

The three men told officers at the time they were hired by a Chinese company to boost likes for different products online using smartphones.

Source: Coconuts 

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