Fake Passport Rental Scam

Police in Phuket are on the Hunt for a man using a fake Swedish passport to steal rental motorcycles.

Mr Worachet Onkon, 31, went to the Chalong Police department to report the apparent theft of one of his rental bikes a black PCX.

Fake Passport Rental Scam

The man handed over a Swedish passport to the staff at CK Phuket Big bike Rental shop in Rawai to identify himself as Bengt Hakoh, 63, originating from Stockholm.

The bike was rented on May 31 and due to be returned on June 4 but the bike was never returned.

After the even Mr Onkon said that he has heard that the same man had gone to other shops in the area and carried out the same act.

It is suspected that the foreigner using the fake passport may be working with other people to carry out the motorcycle thefts as he was dropped off at the rental shop by another person.

Captain Somkiet Sarasit is in charge of the case and said “we are working on this case now. I will try my best to catch him.” Though he admits it is not easy to catch foreigner’s using fake passports.

Police are asking if anyone has any information regarding this case to please come forward in identifying the culprit.


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