Family Calls for Probe Into Woman's 'Suicide'

The family of a businesswoman found dead in Amnat Charoen has asked the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) to re-investigate the case after local police ruled it to be a suicide, according to a justice-seeking advocacy group.

Ronnarong Kaewpet, head of the network, accompanied the family of Duangchan Thaweepan to the CSD headquarters in Bangkok on Monday.

Family Calls for Probe Into Woman's 'Suicide'

The family formally asked the CSD to re-investigate the case in which Duangchan was found dead in her car in Lue Amnat district on April 4. Local police concluded the woman, who made a living as an informal lender, had taken her own life because of three million baht in debt she owed to a number of people.

Family Calls for Probe Into Woman's 'Suicide'

Mr Ronnarong said the woman’s neck bore a rope mark and a plastic bag had been used to cover her head from behind. Her body was found between the front and back seats of her Honda car near an irrigation canal.

According to Thawai Buranarak, chief of Amnat Charoen police, there were no signs of a struggle and the woman had called her husband in Rayong and had told him to take care of himself earlier that day.

Source : BangkokPost


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