An elephant weighing approximately four-tonnes was discovered to have been fatally electrocuted at a corn field close to the Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary in the Muang district.

After it was presumed that the elephant left its herd to search for food.

The head of the wildlife sanctuary Paitoon Intharabut accompanied a vet and police officers after the animals death was reported at 8.30am.

Farmer faces charges after wild elephant fatally electrocuted

When they arrived they found the 25-year-old male elephant lying on electrical wires.

The owner of the farmland Wutthichot Rojanaphokhapreeda, 48, told officers that he had recently installed a 220-volt electric fence around his land to keep cows and buffaloes off of his crops, but said he had forgotten to notify park officials about the fence which he installed on August 28.

Farmer faces charges after wild elephant fatally electrocuted

He said that a wild elephant had come into contact with the fence before and got a shock and ran away.

Paitoon commented that they would pursue legal action against Wutthichot as the fence caused the wild elephants death which could be seen as illegal wildlife hunting.

Source : Dailynews

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