Father Who Slashed Daughter's Throat Is In Custody

Love Pattaya reported the story of a father who had slashed his daughter’s throat before fleeing the scene in an earlier story today.

Since the news broke, police have arrested the father at a checkpoint. He was with his youngest daughter who is three.


The man known only as Joi, 41, said he and his daughter quarrelled over Facebook as he re-enacted the crime for police. He said she was spending too much time on social media, claiming it was impacting on her schoolwork.

The culprit’s wife told police he had a violent temper and had hit her previously but he denied claims that the attack was a result of sexual abuse.

The thirteen-year-old was found bleeding heavily from a knife inflicted wound on her throat after neighbours reacted to her screams.

The father departed the scene moments before, locking the teenager in the room, leaving the girl for dead.

The girl is now recovering in hospital.


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