Everyone has read about the chaos created by irate taxi drivers when they believe they see an Uber driver picking up a hire. Well now the National Legislative Assembly have got involved for they believe the debacle could affect tourism.

They wish to see an end to the troubles as it could have an adverse effect on tourism.

Surely the answer is simply? Remove the licences of those who surround innocent drivers whether they work for Uber or not. If the law is broken, then inform the police and let them handle it.

Plans are afoot to have executives from Uber meet officials from The Land Transport Department to discuss the problems and a feasibility study will be undertaken to determine if Uber is workable in Thailand.

If that is going to occur, they Grab Car should be invited too, for they run an excellent service around Asia.

Both companies however, should ensure that vehicles are of a good standard, drivers are checked for criminal records and cars should be properly insured.

Whatever the outcome, taxi drivers must stop taking the law into their own hands before someone gets hurt.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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