Female drinkers are on the rise

A seminar took place in Bangkok discussing the impacts of alcohol on women.

The director of the Centre for Alcohol Studies Savitree Assanankornchai told the members of the audience that one in fifty Thai women drank because of access, the want to socialise and party and because of the beverage advertising on a weekly basis.

Female drinkers are on the rise

She also stated that seventy-five percent of the teenage girls taking part in their survey said that they consume over five glasses of alcohol over one drinking session.

In addition to the problems people face with intoxication like accidents, harassment and fights, Savitree gave a warning that as women have slower metabolism than men, alcohol could cause illnesses like breast cancer for them.

She also pointed out that alcohol during pregnancy and breastfeeding is a big risk regarding the babies’ development and that the main reason that the number of female drinkers was rising is due to large amounts of stress.

Source : Thenation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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