Mum and son survive accident as bike rams 10 wheeler

A boy of 15 and his mother had a miraculous escape when their motorbike came to a stop under the wheels of a large truck.

The boy, who was driving, fell asleep before slamming into the rear of the stationary ten wheeler.

Emergency services feared the worst when they arrived on the scene to discover the boy and his mother along with the motorbike lying underneath the lorry.

Their identities were given as Andaman Tunpeuan, 15 and 42 year-old Prapa Chumak.

Driver of the truck Sunya Paenson, 42, told officers that he was delivering goods to a customer in a nearby shop in Rassada. Feeling tired, he pulled over and took a nap at around 08:00.

“I awoke to a loud bang and scraping sounds from the rear of my truck” he said.

The lucky duo were treated at the scene before being taken to Thaland Hospital. They had minor cuts and bruises. Their injuries were lessened by the fact they were both wearing helmets.

The boy confessed to falling asleep and losing control of the bike as he drove from Phuket to his home in Mai Khao.

Youngsters can legally drive motorbikes in Thailand from the age of 15.


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