The deputy governor of Prajuab Khirikhan province is trying helping the Norwegian tourist bitten by a bull shark in Hua Hin by organizing funds to pay for his bills.

Amornrat, the Thai wife of Werner Danielsen slammed the government for its inaction which effectively agreed the Thais to help.

With a total bill of 300,000 baht at the Bangkok Hua Hin hospital and the Norwegian insurance company failing to insure Werner Danielsen with 250,000 due to the annulment of the policy, the deputy governor Theeraphan Nanthakit has called for a crisis meeting at Prajuab HQ. he has asked the private sector and state agencies to help the victim.


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He has also asked for official funding for tourist who could use the amount for similar accidents that occur while on holiday, not necessarily shark bite.

Bitten in the left leg, the incident triggered the officials momentarily who were ready to help but later went quiet.

Theeraphan is seeking the help of every Thai to contribute for the tourist who is currently undergoing physiotherapy at a hospital in Khon Kaen in Thailand while 2 months visa extension has been given for his treatment.

Source : Newstv

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