Fingerprints for background check required to marry in Thailand

Getting married here in Thailand has always been a little bit different to the rest of the world well it now seems foreigners can be asked to submit their fingerprints in order to have their criminal histories checked before they can apply for a marriage license.

The new revelation was confirmed by the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA) who stated criminal background checks could be carried out if a person is deemed suspicious.

It was recently reported that a foreign individual wrote to the Phuket News asking why he needed to have his criminal record checked before he could marry his Thai girlfriend.

Looking into the matter it was discovered that DOPA released a notification to all district offices in August 2017 that foreign nationals especially those from 13 specific countries which were not named should have criminal records checked as a result of increasing numbers of fraudulent marriages and family registrations.

According to an officer from the DOPA office in Bangkok it is not mandatory to carry out checks on all foreigners but officers are within their rights to ask someone to submit to a check if they feel there is grounds to do so.

Fingerprints for background check required to marry in Thailand

Speaking on the issue the officer said there have been instances in the past of people attempting to forge documentation or pay someone to marry them to prolong their stay in Thailand.

Though the 13 specific countries that officials have been told to monitor closely when it came to marriage applications were not named the official hinted that they included “Nigeria and its nearby countries.”

She said ultimately the decision to conduct a background check is on a case by case basis.

When asked what causes an official to become suspicious about an application the official said if a couple has evidence that their relationship is genuine there will be no problems.

According to the official the reason that background checks are sometimes requested is because whoever signs off on the marriage is responsible if that marriage is found out to be fraudulent the officer can be subject to an investigation.

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