Thailand under water

Flooding continues to be a problem in much of Thailand as the rain just keeps coming.

Bangkok was especially hit over the last week as roads were impassable due to high water levels.

Government departments were doing everything within their power to keep roads open, working through the night in attempts to relieve flooding before rush hour and generally, they succeeded, with only a few roads affected after 07:00

However it was not good news for those living in the Thong Saen Khan district of Uttaradit, where people were told to move belonging to higher ground or evacuated completely from eight villages.

All over the Kingdom, roads were under a foot of water in many instances.

Kamphaeng Phet province was severely hit by flooding late on Wednesday night and was the scene of a dramatic rescue as the Phran Kratai District Hospital and surrounding streets were hit by flash floods.

Police and rescuers along with troops, united to rescue patients in the early hours.

Almost a metre of water had to be overcome during the rescue process, which saw 50 patients taken to safety.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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