Flood Warnings In The North As Rain Continues To Fall

As rain continues to fall in the north of the country officials across Chiang Mai’s 25 districts continue to closely monitor the tropical cyclone Talas that is moving across the north of the country in from Laos.

They believe that it will change from a tropical cyclone to a tropical depression then into a low-pressure system over the next couple of days.

Flood Warnings In The North As Rain Continues To Fall

Officials are conducting hourly inspections after large volumes of water have been seen at waterfalls, including Mae Sa and Mok Fa late on Monday night.

Tourists are still permitted to visit the falls but are being advised not to swim at them as a result of the increased water flow.

There was a landslide reported on a road in Tambon Muang Haeng, Tuesday, but crews quickly cleared the road of debris.

Flood Warnings In The North As Rain Continues To Fall

There was also flooding in PHayao’s Dok Kham Tai district where the Rong Chang River which flows through the centre of Doi Kham Tai, burst its banks and water flooded into houses and main roads.

The road to the town centre was 50 centimetres underwater on Tuesday morning.

Local government agencies have issued warnings to local residents to keep a close eye on the flood situation.

Monks and locals used sandbags in an effort to fortify their residences against the rising flood waters.

Source : Thenation

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