Officials announced on Wednesday that some of the worst flooding seen in Thailand’s rural northeast in years has claimed the lives of 23 people in the past month

Flash flooding has disrupted both air and rail travel and swamped vast areas of rice farming across Isaan with over 1 million Thai people being affected.

The death toll is up to twenty three people since July 5th, all of whom were swept away by floodwaters and subsequently drowned.

Flooding in the northeast of Thailand has now claimed 23 lives

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Chan visited the worst affected province of Sakon Nakhon on Wednesday, inspecting a dam at a local reservoir that cracked due to the immense amount of rainfall which resulted in flooding.

The Junta Chief also joined rescue boats, handing out survival equipment to families still stranded by floodwater.

Flooding in the northeast of Thailand has now claimed 23 lives

He told local residents that 35 provinces had been affected by severe flooding as a result of the tropical storm Sonca that hit the northern region.

Heavy rain still continues to fall in the upper northeast region, according to the meteorological department and ten provinces are still battling sever flooding.

Source : Thailandnews

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