Foreign couples bad manners on a train causes outrage online

Pictures were posted on Thai social media yesterday showing a foreign couple on a train heading from Lampang to Chiang Mai with their feet perched on the headrests of the seats in front of them, causing widespread outrage and anger online.

The images were uploaded to the Lampang Facebook group at 10:23am yesterday with the poster stating that the train had departed from Lampang at 10am.

The posters said they had seen instances similar to this before online highlighting peoples ban manners and lack of understanding for Thai ways but they were shocked to see it with their own eyes.

Foreign couples bad manners on a train causes outrage online

The post said “although we have different cultures, I think all countries teach their people to have good manners.”

Multiple people online commented angrily calling on relevant authorities to punish tourists caught carrying out similar offences.

The poster noted that two people had been sitting in the seats in front of the couple but moved elsewhere when they placed their feet above their headrests.

He noted that staff on the train did not ask the couple to move their feet.

Source: The Nation

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  1. ohhhh
    these are hippy back packers and no money or style
    normally found with back packs full of smelly old clothes as they never wash them out
    mostly they dont wash their body and smell a bit as soap and other toiletries are expensive and this cuts into their 10 dollar a day budget
    doing the old feet on the seat trick is considered to be radical and if a bunch of bikers boarded the train the would stop this behavior very quickly


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