The foreign Ministry announced last night (October 30) that they have at the request of police perusing the fugitive Ex-Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra revoked all four of her Thai passports.

In a statement released by Ministry spokesman Busadee Santipitaks he stated that all four of Yingluck’s passports, two general and two diplomatic were know revoked and that she would no longer be able to use them to travel to different countries.

He said that all Thai embassies around the world had also been notified of the revoking of her passports.

They did state however that they were not aware if she was in possession of any foreign issued passports.

The Ex-PM fled the country on August 25, before the verdict was given as she was on trial for negligence of a rice pledging scheme while in office.

While a fugitive she was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison.

The former prime minister has not been seen since fleeing the country and there have been multiple reports that she has been spotted in Dubai and the UK.

The final deadline for her defence team to make an appeal on the verdict delivered was last week, as a result of her absence the sentence is now considered final.

Last week Thailand’s new chief prosecutor released a statement that he and his colleges were coming after several high profile fugitives including former PM Yingluck.

Source: Thai visa

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