According to a story published by the Thai media “farangs are confused” after a stall selling machetes and other large dangerous looking knives.

But positioned just outside of the main immigration office in Bangkok in a complex where to enter you have to pass through a metal detector and have bags X-rayed.

To be fair the poster of the initial Facebook post which has resulted in all the attention Zachery Sullivan has a point it is a rather bizarre set up at the Government Complex on Chaeng Wattana Road in Bangkok.

Foreigners confused by machetes on sale in Government building

In his post he points out that there are lots of security measures to enter the building but once inside in his words “you can buy a huge-ass machete.”

There were many light-hearted comments online as a result of the post with many pointing out that they were simply tools for gardening.

However some people were of the opinion it was inappropriate for them to be sold in a government building with such high security measures.

Source : Kapook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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