Four Arrested After Death Of Young Woman

Four suspects have been taken into custody in connection with the murder of young woman. Her death is believed to have occurred during a ritual to chase away an “evil spirit”.

The four who were allegedly involved in the 18-year-old girl’s death, which appears to be some form of practice to ward off evil spirits. She is believed to have drank “sacred water” before her death.

Police are searching for a fifth suspect, thought to be a monk, who has so far avoided detection.

Four Arrested After Death Of Young Woman

Police said the five belong to a gang of con artists that preyed on vulnerable people. In this instance, they convinced the girl that their “sacred water” would put an end to her bad luck and free her from the evil spirit that haunted her.

The girl’s mother, Mrs Duangjit Kanakhwao from Chaiyaphum, said that her daughter died as a result of drinking their so called sacred water. She had paid 440 baht and was told to drink the fluid and her problems would be over.

Four Arrested After Death Of Young Woman

However she began to have seizures and vomited after she swallowed the liquid. She bit down on her own tongue as she was rushed to hospital, where she passed away four days later.

The four who are in custody have been charged with fraud and negligence leading to the death of the girl.

Source : ThaiPBS

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