LANGKAWI: Four Malaysian fishermen are believed to have been spirited away to Thailand by robbers after the latter attacked a fishing vessel off Teluk Pelam, Pulau Langgun waters here on Sunday.

Police however managed to capture four robbers and prevented seven Malaysian fishermen from being taken by the robbers over into Thai waters.

Kedah police chief Datuk Zainal Abidin Kasim said the owner of the Malaysian fishing boat had earlier on Sunday, issued a distress call, saying that the vessel was being boarded by robbers.

Marine police swung into action. Two patrol boats, headed by Inspector Adni Shaari, sped towards the Malaysian vessel’s last known location.

“Police found the robbers at 10.30am on two long-tailed boats, with the Malaysian fishermen onboard.

“Upon realising the police’s presence, the Thai suspects tried to speed off into Thai waters.

“However, their escape route was cut off by one of the police patrol boats after a 20-minute chase,” he said in a statement.

Police managed to rescue seven fishermen and detained four suspects. The suspects had three pistols on them.

‘However, four Malaysians who were captured and on another boat had been taken into Thai waters.

“Efforts are now ongoing to rescue the four. Police have already contacted their Thai counterparts to obtain their assistance with the case,” he said.

Zainal Abidin said the suspects were taken to the Langkawi Marine Police base in Bukit Malut before being brought to the Langkawi district police headquarters for further action.

“We are in the process of identifying the suspects and their backgrounds. We have also liaised with the Thai authorities for more information on the suspects.”

Source : NST


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