14 year old saves lives

A schoolboy who died in a road accident has become a hero to many, after his organs were donated so that others could live.

Somdech “Nong Bew” Khongnoi was only fourteen at the time of his death

Following the accident on March 17th, Somdech had been in a coma. It was suggested by a doctor to his mother and grandmother that he could save or improve the lives of seven others by donating his organs.

With the help of the Thai Red Cross Society, the boy’s legacy lives on in others.

14 year old saves lives


His brave mother Yong Sirisuk said “If we cremated his body, that would be the end of the story. But at that time, my boy’s organs could still save many other lives and it would become a great merit for his soul.”

Somdech’s eyes, heart, kidneys and liver were donated via the scheme.

Social media groups thanked Somdech and his family for what they did.

The Thai Red Cross Society Organ Donation Centre in Bangkok will hold an organ donation campaign on Saturday.


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