In an effort to facilitate the large numbers of mourners expected in the nation’s capital during the royal cremation ceremonies for the late King Rama IX.

Commuters will be given free travel on the Airport Rail Link from October 25 to October 27.

Officials said that the 28-km line will play a vital role ferrying mourners across the city to Sanam Luang where the cremation ceremonies are being held.

Mourners can get free transportation during late kings funeral

It’s not only free train rides that are being provided for the public but on the day of the late King’s cremation (October 26) the train service will be extended until 2am.

Wisut Chanmani acting manager of SRT Electric Train Co said that to make sure transit of passengers runs smoothly trains will run every 10 minutes.

Mourners can get free transportation during late kings funeral

He said there will also be extra trains on standby in case the demand is higher than expected.

It has also been announced that all lines on the BRT boat and bus service will be free between October 25 to October 27.

Source : Bangkokpost

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