Everyone will be aware that the Songkran Festival is nearly upon us as the people of Thailand celebrated their New Year.

To assist with road safety during the holiday period, the Department of Land Transport (DLT) have created free vehicle inspection centres throughout Thailand, which will be in place until April 24th, 2017.

With around 2000 examination points in place, DLT Director General Sanit Promwong invites people to bring their cars and motorcycles in for a check up. The checkpoints will test brakes, tyres, windshields, oils and fluid and electrics of the vehicles and it is absolutely free of charge.

So where are these examination centres? Keep your eyes open for “Free Check Up” signs that will be dotted around.

Mr. Promwong added “Operational passenger vans using inter-provincial routes are required by law to have GPS and driver identification devices installed by the end of this month.”

This permits real time monitoring of passenger vans to determine their location, speed and time spent at the wheel as they authorities attempt to improve on passenger safety.


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