Lifeguards were quick to react at Surin Beach in Phuket, rescuing four French tourists after they were swept out to sea by a flash rip current, having gone swimming in a red-flag (no swimming) area on Wednesday afternoon

Sayan Bureerak, captain of the Surin Beach lifeguards was patrolling the area when he discovered the four swimmers in distress in the no swimming area.

He said two of the women hadn’t gone out to far and were able to make it back to the beach but two women were swimming too far out and had to be brought back in by lifeguards.

French tourists rescued at Phuket beach after Flash Rip current

The four tourists were attended to by lifeguards on the beach before after a short rest period being able to walk away from their ordeal.

Lifeguards had been patrolling the beach hourly informing beachgoers as to the meaning of the red-flags.

An eye witness to the rescue commented that the lifeguards are struggling to keep up during the dangerous monsoon season because of staffing and budget cuts that have taken place over the last couple of years.

Flash rip currents are common in the area during this time of year one minute someone could be standing in waste deep water the next they could be dragged off their feet and swept off their feet so it is very important the public do not swim in marked off areas.  

French tourists rescued at Phuket beach after Flash Rip current

Source : Thephuketnews

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