What do you do when you are travelling in a public transport van and someone with stinky feet, removes their shoes, letting the odour waft around the van?

Well it seems you make a video and post in online, where it goes viral, and outs the offender with the obnoxious tootsies.

That is exactly what one man did when presented with a French woman’s foul smelling extremities.

French Woman With Sweaty Disgusting Feet Outed on Social Media

21-year-old volunteer soldier Narong Thaopanya laughed I just want foreign tourists to display some manners. It especially looks bad when a woman does it.

I didn’t know this story would become so famous, he continued.

The lad was heading home to Sukhothai in central Thailand on a van that departed from Bangkok when the incident began.

Inside the van, it was hot and uncomfortable but when the woman removed her shoes, a nasty smell began to irritate the noses of the travellers.

The inconsiderate woman, placed her feet next to Narong’s head, refusing to put them down despite being asked politely to do so.

Narong decided to film her and hit the share button, which resulted in the clip going viral, almost immediately. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect such a reaction from social media worshippers around the globe.

The shamed woman, who is yet to identified is seen refusing to put her feet down. Then she places her honking feet down but only for a few seconds.

Narong was left wondering what sort of upbringing this woman had. He said she was pretty but her manners were appalling.

Many people on social media suggested he should have taken his own shoes off and placed his honkers near her nose.

Do you know the woman? Reveal all.


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