It might well involve Russians, it could be love, but this is certainly no Bond movie…

The latest naughty viral video shot in Thailand is doing the rounds. If you thought the boob squeezing crossed the line of decency at the PlayBoy Pool Party in Udon Thani, or were shocked to see pictures of a girl going down on a guy in a Walking Street disco, well we have news for you.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a young Russian couple who went for an X-Rated shopping trip to Tesco Lotus and ended having full penetrative sex following pert boob squeezing and an act of oral sex!

The full 4 minute video was shot on a mobile phone and begins with the couple browsing
in the fresh food section. Then the next shot of the ravishing Russian lady is of her drinking a small bottle of fresh orange juice, which ends with a semi wink to camera. This gives a subtle indication of more to come.

The next scene shows the young wench looking through a selection of bras and the guy videoing even includes an up-skirt shot as she chooses which item to take to the dressing room.

So, once in the dressing room she removes her top and bra, and here the boob squeezing begins!
She then tries on the new bra and to celebrate her find, she begins to smoke the pole for lucky old Boris!

It doesn’t end here either. They go on to have full penetrative sex all the time keeping quiet so as not to alert the staff to their naughtiness! She bends over, knickers down and takes it like a good girl from behind.

The cameraman/co-performer is rather adept at filming and utilises the changing room mirror to shoot their antics as well as some POV style shots, all the time managing to avoid revealing his identity. Alas for the girl, if you know her, you would surely recognise her.

As Stick Boy has reported, the media are all over this story like a rash. The style of the video is a full on porn movie and even though only shot on a mobile phone, it has been edited and definitely planned, maybe scripted.

It will be interesting to see how the authorities react, to be honest a young couple seen going into a changing room with a bra to try on should ring an alarm bell!


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