A homosexual couple from the United States who have been going around the world taking pictures of their bare butts at monuments have outraged a large number of Thai citizens with their latest stunt.

Their latest photo where “Joseph and Travis” took a snap of themselves baring skin in front of the Temple of Wat Arun caused a flurry of comments online condemning their actions.

Large numbers of internet citizens demanded that the couple remove the photo from the web stating that the temple is a sacred site, eventually the photo was removed.

Gay couple from the states on "world butt photo tour" anger Thai's

The male lovers have posted pictures from several locations around the world including Washington in USA and the Louvre museum in Paris.

The couple were apparently undertaking a “world butt photo tour” stopping off in Thailand during their Asian leg where they planned to also visit Cambodia and Singapore.

After the comments they received online it’s fair to say they probably won’t be dropping their trousers again in Thailand.

Source : Tsood

Content : LovePattayaThailand



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