It appears a gay couple from the United States might regret their latest stunt where they posed for pictures at the Wat Arun temple with their backsides out before posting the pictures online as they have now been arrested at the airport.

The pair only identified as Joseph and Travis were apprehended when trying to leave the country via Don Meuang airport.

They were then escorted to Bangkok Yai police station where officers at the station had placed them on a “watch list” following their stunt at the sacred temple which falls under their jurisdiction.

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A spokesman from the Immigration Bureau, Cherngron Rimphadee said that their behaviour was inappropriate and took the opportunity to issue a warning to all others that this sort of stunt will not be tolerated.

It was reported that the police were happy that their procedures in place worked to apprehend the pair.

There has been no report made as yet to what the pair will be charged with or what punishments they might face.

Source: Thairath

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


  1. Good to see they got caught. It does not matter which country you are visiting – the laws are the laws and tradition needs to be followed. This was just disrespectful.


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