Patong Police are currently searching for man who they believe to be from Germany after a video was shared on social media showing the man lying on the pavement before making himself comfortable in the cutter, body outstretched into the road.

The man’s bizarre was caught on video and uploaded to Facebook on October 9 with the tagline “here in Patong, why do foreigners have to do like this?”

The camera man speaks to many passers-by who were quite happy to stroll past the man sprawled out relaxing on the path that he believed that the man might either be drunk or on drugs.

The man recording does ask once in English for the man to go and sit down and beckons to a nearby seat, but the foreign man simply went and made himself comfortable in the gutter instead.

The man is asked in English where he comes from to which he replied “Germany” he is then asked where his hotel is to which the man replied “the manager kicked me out because he thinks I’m crazy.”

The man’s gutter antics appears to attract the attention of a policeman prompting the German man to produce a wai and to move back to the path.

The video clip has also attracted the attention of the German Honorary Consulate in Phuket who have requested that Patong Police inquire if the man is in need of assistance.

Source :  COCONUTS

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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