Ten-Year-Old Girl Pleads For Help To Prevent House Falling Down

A ten-year-old girl has come to the rescue of her parents, when she wrote to the provincial governor in Phitsanulok, with regards to her fears that her house may fall down.

The girl, Siriporn ” Noon” Suthinpheuak, told how her family are poor and in need of help. As a result of her touching letter, the family, who live in the Muang District, have been given emergency funds from the Welfare Department.

Ten-Year-Old Girl Pleads For Help To Prevent House Falling Down

Noon, lives with her parents and two brothers, Ohm and Kao, who are eight and four respectively.

She said her father works as an air-con cleaner but often has no work. Her mother washes dishes at a noodle shop for just 250 baht her day at a nearby noodle shop.

“Our parents go out to work and we are left alone because there is no one to look after us.

“Mum locks the doors because she is worried about us being alone,” Said Noon

She continued “The house is falling down. It could fall down during the next storm. The rain comes in and floods our house.”

The house has been in the family for many years, being passed down from her grandfather.

Noon said “we are very poor but I never take what is not mine. If I find money, I always hand it it in to the teacher.”

She ended her letter asking the governor to help repair the house so it will be strong and safe for the family.

Ten-Year-Old Girl Pleads For Help To Prevent House Falling Down

The Governor, Suphachai Iam-suwan, along with a number of other people of importance, visited Noon and her family to determine what could be done to assist them.

As a result of that visit, house repairs are underway, courtesy of the authorities.

Noon’s school director described her as a bright, honest girl with a big future.

Noon thanked everyone for their help in a touching show of gratitude.


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