The show must go on! May be that’s what the golfer might have been thinking.

Right in the middle of an intersection, this middle aged fellow got spotted yesterday afternoon, swinging his golf club for quite a while.

The incident happened in northern Lampang province at around 5 PM. People on the street spotted this fellow swinging his golf club quite religiously for a while. The passersby were evidently surprised to notice this weird practice session on traffic island in Thahor-Huaipeng intersection. Few of them of course recorded this show of sort.

A motorist recorded the incident during a red light. Someone who had sent the video to Sanook even praised, “resembled that of a pro”. Thankfully this determined golfer wasn’t practicing with a ball. The man who recorded the video found it quite funny.

It is indeed a bit odd but determination should always motivate human to try the unimaginable. So far to the golfer- Keep swinging!

Source : Coconuts

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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