Good News for Bangkok:First Marijuana and Now Kratom

Bangkok’s top anti-narcotics official informed that he will lay a proposal to the interim parliament to permit personal use of an herbal stimulant.

The suggestion to legalize the use of Kratom by the Narcotics Control Board sec-gen Sirinya Sitdhichai as reported is an ongoing measure to undo the drug laws. Once legalized, anyone can legally grow and chew leaves of kratom, which stimulates the nervous system.

“We will propose legalizing chewing of kratom leaves, in accordance with the traditional way of living,” Sirinya said. “In the old times, people chewed kratom to get energy to go to work in the field. But we will not allow people to brew kratom or mix it with other drugs.”

He further said that “I don’t think it will be too long before the parliament takes up the issue. Because this is an important matter. It will bring many benefits to the public.”

Good News for Bangkok:First Marijuana and Now Kratom

This announcement by Sirinya came in after cannabis law got legalized. In 1922 Thailand passed its first anti-narcotics laws marijuana was added to list of banned substances in 1935 and Kratom in 1943.

This legalizing use of narcotics is calls from entrepreneurs, activists and health experts who strongly regards that the public has the right to use cannabis for medical treatment and research.

The proposal will allow patients to use cannabis as medication if prescribed by their physician apart from the human use of marijuana in the lab.

Sirinya clarified “Patients will be able to use the narcotic plant as treatment; there has been a trend about this in other countries. It is being used as medicine. We have also conducted research about this for some time now.”

The Public Health Ministry will also grant permissions to grow marijuana for medical research to those who wish to.

Source : Khaosod

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