All Good For Street Food In Bangkok

Bangkok’s street food is in the headlines again but maybe for better reasons than it was previously, when it was under threat from the authorities.

Chinatown was the venue for Bangkok’s governor Asawin Khwanmeuang, who paid homage to the area and celebrated the capital’s variety and range of food offerings.

“Popular, tasty, healthy and hygienic” were all terms used the the governor or his minions. No one will argue with him on any of those statements, for Bangkok’s street food is acclaimed the world over.

Many people visit the city and make a point of sampling the food prepared and cooked by the many street vendors.

There was no mention of previous stories which suggested the authorities wanted to clean up certain areas by removing the vendors and reclaim the pavements, which in turn had many people up in arms over those reports.

Bangkok needs its vendors, Whether it is in their current places of business or in new designated markets, probably doesn’t matter too much. But they must be protected for tourism reasons alone.


Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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