Google Outage Causes Frustration For Many Across The Kingdom

Internet services in Thailand are often a hit or a miss. It either works very well or it’s dire and it can change daily.

Reports that 3BB customers could not access Google services were rife on Saturday morning, with many blaming the internet provider.

However, the problem was not 3BBs alone, as TOT customers also experienced similar issues.

Many people across the Kingdom complained that they could not access YouTube, Gmail or other Google owned services. The internet in general was otherwise working as normal.

3BB’s own web site was apparently down at the same time, leaving customers frustrated.

TOT customers also experienced the outage on Saturday morning as their favourite Google site’s were unobtainable.

So far no one from 3BB, TOT or Google have provided an explanation to what the cause of the problem was but 3BB issues seem to have lasted well into the evening.

Were you affected by the outage? Who is your ISP?

Source : TechThaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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