Anyone who has travelled frequently by taxi in Thailand will have a story or two to tell regarding their bad experiences. Maybe they refused to take you because it was too busy and traffic jams were a problem.

Maybe it is overcharging or some passengers have even been put out the car because of traffic issues. The other common one is the driver refusing to put the meter on.

Now however, there is a hot line people can call to make a complaint against the driver concerned. Both the police and the Department of Land Transport have said they will take action against any taxi driver found to be in breach of the rules. All you have to do is call 1155 with the car or driver’s details and they will do the rest.

Got An Issue With Your Taxi Driver - Call Big Joke Now
Got An Issue With Your Taxi Driver - Call Big Joke Now

The Deputy Tourism Commissioner Surachet also known as “Big Joke” by the media, made an inspection of Don Mueang Airport yesterday as tourists and Thais returned after the New Year holidays.

Accompanied by a sniffer dog, he assured the general public, that the authorities would work together in various locations across the nation to ensure their safety. The dog was not there looking for dodgy taxi drivers but was searching for explosives.

Got An Issue With Your Taxi Driver - Call Big Joke Now

It was during this inspection that he informed the press of his plans to deal with the taxi drivers. He conversed with a few drivers explaining that they must use the meter and not refuse fares or he would take action against them.

We look forward to seeing what penalties rogue drivers face.

We would also point out that the majority of drivers are law abiding and it is the minority that give the trade a bad name.

Source : INN

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