Government to launch new

Yesterday (January 16) the Thai cabinet approved a new “smart visa” aimed at luring specialist to come work in Thailand in 10 targeted fields.

Applications for the new type of visa will start from February 1.

The 10 targeted fields have been separated into two categories according to Kobsak Pootrakool, minister of the Prime Minister’s office, the two categories are called First S-Curve and New S-Curve.

Industries in the First S-Curve category include automotive, smart electronics, medical, agriculture and biotechnology.

Government to launch new "smart visa" for next generation industries

Industries in the New S-Curve category include automation and robotics, aviation and logistics, biochemistry, digital business and medical hubs.

The Visa itself is divided into four groups, firstly for specialists in scientific fields where currently Thailand has a shortage, qualifying applicants need to have a salary of over 200,000 baht per month and at least a contract of employment of one year, the visa will allow for partners and children to move and work in Thailand as long as it is not in a prohibited field.

Government to launch new "smart visa" for next generation industries

The will be issued with a four year visa instead of the current 90-day visa which is being issued.

The second group is for people who will invest over 20 million baht in what they call target industries.

The third group is for investors who will invest in companies that will then invest in targeted industries.

Finally the last group of people covered under the smart visa is for company executives who work in targeted industries and again must have a monthly salary of 200,000 per month minimum and 10 years’ experience in their field.

Kobsak said that currently the government is expecting fewer than 1,000 applications for the new visa stating that such numbers would not have an adverse effect on the Thai labour marker.

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